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Re: How's the pitch-to-midi of Roland VP-70?

Wonderfully terrible is how I'd describe the VP70.
The VP70 is a very ambitious mid-80's vocal processor that often fails in
very interesting ways. The pitch-to-MIDI is amusingly poor. It's fun to
hear it trying to make sense out of speech, drums or chords.
The harmonizing is rough and noisy and yet pleasant sounding. Perhaps its
most interesting/bizarre feature is an absolute harmonizing mode (not sure
what they call it) where it tries desperately to stay on a pitch of your
choice (MIDI or drone) no matter what pitch the source is at! As you sing
into it, it tries to keep the harmonized output on a given note. Needless
to say, if the incoming pitch changes much, it gets hilariously
- Herb
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Subject: How's the pitch-to-midi of Roland VP-70?

> Hi,
> How good is the Roland VP-70 pitch-to-midi converting?
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