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multiple jam-things

Title: multiple jam-things

stuart's post about syncing three line6 echopros reminded me that I wanted to ask the list if anybody had tried doing much the same thing with two or more jammans. my band has two, and two repeaters aswell.

the repeater's operational quirks are by no means taxing enough on their own to bamboozle our guitarist, but he's built up such a rapport with his ancient jamman, and can "deal with it" much more easily in amongst all his other floor-dwelling paraphenalia, that I am about to lash a second one to it's lid for him, and build a single giant footswitch for the both of them, probably put a big power supply in there too.

but has anyone experienced this config, and got any useful opinions or suggestions on same?

and has anyone used the bob sellon upgrade in a jamman? I bought two kits (both our machines are 32s) but have been too busy/terrified to fit them- the operational changes are quite daunting for our guitarist too. he's not dense or anything, but we've had the lexicons since 1994 and that's a lot of unlearning....



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