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Re: 1st boss dd-20 online review

There was really little to learn from that review.  I
got little insight into the workings of that box.  

If you have to hold down a pedal to overdub it's not a
bad thing.  In fact, I might even like that for the
tactile input while I'm looping.  I don't trust the
comment "you can't really switch the loop on and off -
once it's switched off, it's deleted!" because it's
possible this person misunderstood the instructions.

I'm curious to know what "warp" and "twist" actually
do.  Too bad this person didn't get into details.  As
it is, it sounds like the old complaint "sounds too
sterile" which is utter nonsense to me.  It's a
digital delay for crying out loud, if it sounds
"sterile" then you better take a look at the rest of
you rig and not the delay.  Totally useless info

Damn.  I wish these were out in the stores where I'm

--- Scott Hansen <scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu> wrote:
> was checking h-c.com and saw the first boss dd-20
> review:
> -- 

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