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RE: echoplex problem

It's very unusual for the fuse to blow in an EDP; I've never had it
happen, (well over 1000 units). How old is it? Is it pre-1998 without
the 5V supply conversion? Did you replace it with a 'Timed' or
'Slow-blow' fuse, these are usually marked T250mA? A fast-blow, marked
'F' can blow on start-up. Did both these fuses blow while you were using
it or at start-up?

Intermittent fuse failure is usually indicative of either a failing
component, likely to be in the power-supply, or a dry solder joint that
arcs and causes carbon build-up; again likely to be in the supply:
transformer & voltage regulators.

Send me more info and I'll try to help further,

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The fuse in my echoplex recently blew.  After a couple of days the new
fuse blew.  Does anyone know what the problem might be?  


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