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Re: Roland MC505 909 or similar

For the best sounds and features, the Emu xl-7/mp-7 with the latest OS
rules. It's also one of the cheapest of the lot - on sale for $499 at 'the

It's the only one of these boxes that can give you live loop recording, 
'clear track' and 'revert to saved' on the fly. Also, you can mix tracks
from different patterns, and add ROM modules to expand it's sounds.

The RM1x has nice midi features, but a poorer sound quality. Depending on
what you are doing, the RM1x is pretty much equal but different in terms of
the midi notes that come out - to drive other gear. However, the sound set
isn't even close.

The RS7000 is the same as the RM1x, but with sampling, but it doesn't do it
very well. You are better off getting a XX-7 and used sampler - cheaper,
better sound and more versatile.

I don't like the Roland stuff at all. I've played with the 505, 303 and
fooled around with the 909 at a store. Not for me - very plastic tone.

www.groovetronica.com - "No offense, but a dated d&b loop with some Holiday
Inn lounge singer hardly wows me technically or talent wise, and I could do
better with a cassette deck and a microphone."

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> Thinking of buying one of these tools - someone who has experience with
> either please let me know what you like/dislike. And if anyone has
> recommendations for other similar tools please let me know.
> Regards,
> Larry E. Stites
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