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Re: effects for wind instruments

<<Conn and Maestro used to make specific boxes
for wind and brass players, usually based on
dividers for square wave sub octaves. Any of
these old boxes would be a lot more fun nowadays
with the real-time layering that the Echoplex

I believe Chris Wood used one of the Maestro
boxes with Traffic in the early 70's (on their
second live album On The Road, there's bits where
it sounds like he's using a wah wah pedal), and I
believe Ian Underwood also used one with Zappa
(I'm not sure if it's his solo or one of the
others on the Uncle Meat version of King Kong,
but one of them sounds like it has an octave
divider on it). In the Van Der Graaf Generator
boxset, David Jackson talks about using various
effects on his saxes, including a King octave box
that he wore on a belt pack that gave him one
octave up, one octave down and/or two octaves in
an combination with or without the original

And of course, you can use any effects pedal with
an electric instrument of any kind, be it
distortion (I once saw Mercury Rev's flute player
Suzanne Thorpe using a Rat pedal), wah wah, or

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