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RE: Kim Flint questions on your design work for the EDP

Also check this, a bit longer history I think:

And specifically:

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> From: Geoff Smith [mailto:geoff.smith15@btopenworld.com]
> Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 11:22 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Kim Flint questions on your design work for the EDP
> This is a post intended for Kim Flint.
> Hi Kim 
> My name is Geoff Smith, you may have seen me on your Loopers-delight
> discussion list. I am just finishing my essay on Live-Looping 
> and perhaps
> only now am I beginning to understand the world of 
> Live-Looping and how it
> has developed.
> It has occured to me through the help of others (thankyou 
> Andre) just how
> important your design work (and Matthius) has been in influencing the
> direction of Live-Looping.
> I therefore have a few questions I would like to ask you.
> I would be greatfull for any information that you give.
> Yours and Matthius's design work (I don't know who thought of 
> which bits or
> whether everything u guys do is through discussion etc.) 
> seems to have been
> influenced by DJ turntablism and modern dance music. It seems 
> to me that you
> have been responsible for translating the influence of those 
> forms of music
> into functions on the EDP to allow Live-Loopers to subject 
> their playing to
> similar processes. I am talking about the insert functions 
> and granular
> looping functions (and others!!!!!!) which I would describe 
> as allowing the
> user carry out the live sequencing and manipulation of any 
> audio input. This
> is perhaps most obvious in the loop IV software but the 
> capability seems to
> have been their for a long time.
> So what I wanted to ask you was what lead to the creation of the more
> innvoative features of the EDP?
> Were there definite ideas that you had in your head about the musical
> implications of creating some of the functions and if so what 
> were they. I
> am alluding to the functions that have broken the mould, and 
> moved away from
> that traditionally associated with live-looping?
> How influenced were your design decisions by DJ turntabism 
> and Modern Dance
> music?
> Do you see the EDP now as a live-sequencer?
> Do you feel their are many users who are making musical use of the new
> possibilities you have offered them? and if so who stands out 
> and why? (I
> personally think of Andre LaFosse as one of the first people 
> I have ever
> heard who essentially carries out the live sequencing of his 
> instrument.
> In what areas do you think that EDP users have yet to catch 
> up to your ideas
> for the creative use of the EDP? i.e. what functions have you 
> invented which
> people maybe haven't realise the musical implications of yet?
> Thankyou again
> Totally digging you work
> And I'm just beginning to realize how much personal effort people like
> yourself have put into the EDP or loopers-delight etc. (as 
> opposed to effort
> for financial gain)
> I now think of the EDP in the same value area as a new Moog 
> synth i.e. if
> you have to ask why its more expensive than a mass produced 
> product then you
> have just missed whats right infront of your eyes and ears.
> Thankyou
> Geoff