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FS: Blacet Prototype Modular Synth Sequencer

I am cleaning out my Frankensynth modular to concentrate on my newer
instruments so this gem is up for grabs:

This is a single prototype module built by John Blacet (www.blacet.com)
back in the 1970s.  One of one and very rare. There was no documentation
but this appears to be his original Digital Pattern Generator. I bought
this from John himself a few years ago. I have used this on everything
from Doepfer to Wiard modules and an Arp 2600. It is one of the most
interesting CV controlled units I've seen.

According to the original Synapse magazine article on John's site:

"The Digital Pattern Sequencer is a Voltage source capable of producing
up to fourteen step sequences. This is accomplished with four level
controls, each operating in a separate time division, by multiples of
two from each other. This enables the device to produce patterns whose
steps do not necessarily have the same duration. When connected to a
VCO, the results are quite rhythmical. The DPG can be gated, triggered,
and run up or down by external control. In addition the pattern can be
made to alternate direction on successive triggers"

The full article including schematic is up at:
http://www.blacet.com/dpg1.jpg and http://www.blacet.com/dpg2.jpg

A picture of the actual unit I have is up at:
(other pics available on request)

In my picture you can see the four adjustable knobs each with an LED and
toggle on the right side. There is a center toggle which appears to be a
run/off/reset switch,  one master knob, two toggles labeled u/d and g,
and a jack labeled E.O.C.

On the bottom are 1/8" metal input jacks labeled:

Out G

Because I got this unit with a bunch of working and non-working units I
do not 100% know everything about it. I do know I wired it up to a MOTM
PS and have used it by externally running a clock into the "clock"
input. All the LEDS and knobs did something, the toggle did the
start/stop/reset thing. In short it worked and was pretty damn amazing.
However due to it's age and rarity I am selling this AS IS. I ran it
through it's paces just this morning again and everything worked as well
as it ever has but again I'm not a tech nor do I know fully WHAT each
part is  supposed to do. I will include the MOTM PS connector I used to
run it from a MOTM PS.

This unit influenced John's current Binary Zone module so you can go
look that up which might give you more of a clue. However the two ARE
different. Needless to say this is one outrageously rare and collectible
piece. More importantly it is one VERY cool and unique and usable
piece.  I am not looking for KKKollector cash and would prefer to sell
it fast and to a good home,  hence this post to AH first. I can only
imagine the horror of selling something this rare on Eb*y with the
idiots and ignorance that goes there. "Buy-it-now" here please,  LOL!

I am asking $150 plus shipping which it certainly is VERY worth but I am
open to SERIOUS offers. I will answer any questions. I WILL sell it to
the first person to offer to buy it confirmed via phone so please send
your phone # to speed things up if you are interested. A simple "I'll
take it" won't secure this sale. I can accept Paypal via bank transfer
or prepay USPS MO. References out the wazoo. I will pack extremely well
for free.

On a final note I HIGHLY recommend  poking around at John's site and
buying from his new line of modules (which are compatible with this
BTW). He is an amazing and very creative inventor and yes, I do own many
of his other designs and no they are not for sale :)