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Re: EFC-7 vs. FCB-1010

  Scott, yes, just use note numbers to control EDP functions, and you can
use sustained presses.  -Hope this helps...  



At 07:31 AM 5/15/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I have both an EFC-7 and an FCB-1010 in my setup.  The
>FCB-1010 used to control my Repeater, and I was quite
>happy with that, but when I bought my EDP I made sure
>to get an EFC-7 as well, for 2 reasons:
>1. The FCB-1010 also controls my Genesis3 preamp, and
>having a dedicated footpedal for the EDP (or at least
>the basic functions) means less bank switching during
>performance.  I'm not ruling out using the FCB-1010
>later to access deeper EDP functions, but I want to
>thoroughly familiarize myself with the basic functions
>2. If you're using the LoopIV software, you can't
>really utilize the new SUS functions, which are in
>operation only as long as the button is held down (the
>FCB doesn't support sustained presses).  If anyone
>else has found a workaround for this (Cara, maybe?),
>I'd be curious to find out how.
>Just my $0.02...
>Scott Martin
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