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my #1 son dropped off his small peavey "audition chorus" amp the other 
day, a 
small double 6" speakers digital jobie......since i have abandoned the 
"simple" set up (electrix mo-fx) and reconnected all my other goodies in a 
mass orgy o SOUND, i thought why not take the 2 lines out off my mackie 
mixer and send them into the peavey and also my old fender champ (1-8" 
amp).....well let me tell ya!.....talk about puttin some scank into the 
"pristine" sound of the mackie srm 450's.....its a whole other world 
with some "highs and upper mids".....i love it.....much bigger sound than 
before.....the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.....michael