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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help

Off the original topic... I understand that a song can be 20 min, but 
that doesn't mean you'd need a 20 min loop.  Where I'm going here is 
this:  When does a loop get so long that it no longer appears to be a 
loop?  If you actually use the Repeater's 8 min loop limit, would 
memory come into play?  Not that it matters, as long as you get your 
musical point across, but I'm having a hard time imagining exactly what 
you're trying to do.  If  you're telling me that often the passages in 
your songs are 8 min and you want them to repeat at different times in 
the song, then I guess I get it.  Is that what you're trying to do?  
Not really loop, but record a passage and then play it back at  
specific points in the song?

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 03:26 PM, Michael Clark wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I have a repeater.  Many of my songs are 10 to 20 minutes with a 
> number of
> different passages.
> Thanks,
> Michael
> At 11:42 AM 5/18/03 -0700, you wrote:
>> Silly question, but have you tried the Repeater?  It will do up to 8
>> min loop (max loop = 99) and it's fully midi controllable, syncable 
>> and
>> a whole lot more.
>> Mark Sottilaro
>> On Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 12:25 PM, Michael Clark wrote:
>>>>> I'm very accustomed to working with a variety of software programs.
>>>>> Maybe
>>>>> the hardware world - for this type of application - hasn't really
>>>>> caught
>>>>> up, or functions very differently.