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Re: new member

  Hi and welcome!  there are a few other percussion loopers here.  Your 
is really great!  I absolutely love that you're willing to put in time to
teach other people how to play these traditional percussion instruments 
the web completely free!!!!  I've been looking for some of these rhythms
written out before and you've got them up on your site this whole time WITH
EXAMPLES.  The loops sound good too.  Keep us all posted on your looping
techniques/equipment if you have time...

> Hi!
> Im a percussion-looper from germany, and was a
> member already for a short while some time ago.
> I use a dl4 and a repeater.
> my website is now online at http://www.framedrums.de ,
> there are also some of my looping-sounds.
> best,
> David