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Electrix Rewpeater + FCB1010 Controller + Upgraded Boomerang!

What!! Have I gone mad???! Nah, my wife and I are building a new house.
(To paraphase John Prine; "there's a hole in dady's pocket, where all
the money goes..")


Electrix Repeater with original memory card, power supply and
photo-copied manual, with a new, in box Behringer FCB 1010 Midi Floor
Controller. (Will not separate).$800

Also an excellent condition Boomerang Phrase Sampler, with the upgrades
1845 chip (equals the newer "plus" version 'Rang) Manual and power
supply. $225

No Trades.

I have Beau coup references both here on over at Analog Heaven.

Won't you help a poor boy get a (new) home? :-)


John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound