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Re: why pot before looping?

Such black-and-white, knee-jerk idiocy, and in Rich Text too!  I'm reminded
of a woman who insisted that only pedophiles use the Internet.  That makes
just as much sense.  I suppose you also think that "Just Say No" works, 
The tip-off is the grouping in of marjiuana with cocaine/crack and heroin,
as DRUGS.  Hint: An "extreme" is not a "norm".

How about ALCOHOL, bub?  It kills more people that I'll bet you've ever
given yourself a chance to think about.  More people abuse themselves with
alcohol at home, on the job, and elsewhere, than most are willing to admit.
Especially when they're on a soapbox the size of which you showed us below.
...'one years'?

Steve Goodman
EarthLight Productions
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Paulzric@aol.com knee-jerked:
Only drug users defend using drugs. All drugs are a cop-out. It may take 
to figure it out, but I have never watched a drug user who continues to use
drugs do
anything with his/her life. I have only watched countless, and I mean
musicians who spent (and still spend) all of their energy buying kine bud,
high morning, noon, and night, forget gig dates, forget phonenumbers, 
changes, forget their ass, hook the outputs out of the inputs, forget how 
route a
VST wrapper, play their basses drenched in reverb and delays thinking it
cool, stop after setting up a TON of equipment to go get stoned and come
and 'noid out in front of their gear, choke when speaking to the
audience...the list
goes on. All of my former band members use(d) pot in excess and will defend
more loquaciously than anything I have read here are still only successes 
own personal hall of fame. As a matter of fact, my former drummer has a
smokers hack and he aint smokin' cigarettes. All pot users will voice their
in favor of pot exactly like the denizens of the Isle of the Lotos Eaters.
It's the same
predictable, self-serving, stoner bullshit that I have heard for years. I'm
writing about pot. It's a trap. Give it up if you use it and rejoin your
human mind.
The psychedelic thing is really something else. Psylocibin fungus on your
Big deal. So you join the fungus phylum for a while and realize "wow, this
is a planet." Yep. It's a planet. Okay, now what?
Cocaine? Pure craziness and a capitalists wet dream.
Heroin. More madness.
LSD? Okay, so maybe--maybe--if you're lucky, you get some real LSD and 
a no-hitter. So what. It isn't you. It is you on the drug. Once is cool, 
like anything,
you get hooked and can't perform without it and you are a great big fake.

Musicians who can only perform high:
Any repeated behavior results ina  refined performance. So if you are a
who repeats behaviors while stoned, then you will learn and only be able to
replicate these behaviors while stoned. It is a trap that the body has
created for
itself. The only way out is to quit and relearn. That's it. Disagree all 
want, but it's all in order to vehemently defend a crutch.
Recreational drug use is for cheaters.
Now, I highly doubt anyone reading this is a shaman or some other bonafide
otherwise you'd not be bothering with internets and mailing lists and
equipment, but rather be preparing a medicine bag with animal bones or
divining water
with a stick or whatever a true shaman does. I believe that the sacred
of this planet belong to them and to them alone. All these kids driving
around in
Mustangs, smoking pot, going to class and staring vacant eyed at me (yes,
I'm a
teacher and I see firsthand just how fucked up people are who use drugs, 
self-deluded and seduced by their peer structure and support system and the
hunter/gathering routine) are plugging up the psychic ether for the rest of
people who would rather meditate and get to know the wonders of the 
without a barrage of confusion and sloppy intention. They can't retain and
can't learn.
I have not had one kid who supported pot do better than ones who do not.
Period. The pot users always give themselves away, at least in my classes.
It is so easy to manipulate a discussion in order to discover who favors
pot. It's hilarious. And the ones who obviously have never seen it or are
still so innocent that they haven't tried simply do naturally better at
everything: their memory works, they are present, on time, alert, etc.
I'm through. I can't convince anyone to stop. All I can say is there is no
valid rationalization an active drug user can offer in defense of his or 
destructive, mind-altering blackhole of a habit. None. John Lilly, Terrence
McKenna, Timothy Leary, Norman Mailer, Poe, Hunter S., that freak Crowley,
or the countelss
musicians who have used drugs could have done so much more without. The 
degenerates all by itself. A few doors opened by drug use is fine. 
persistent use is a trap. I am telling you, read Isle...

Now those who have bothered to read this entire message will hopefully
discern a
distinction between active, defensive drug users and those who have dived
into the thickest of it, seen far-out (man) and wildly neurotic/exotic
places and have come back only to realize..."fuck...that was cool but it
can't last." Because, my
good brothers, one has to come to realize that any drug dependency is a
Dependency is a trap. The best kind, perhaps...but a trap nonetheless.