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ot: Virtual guitars amps etc. live

i thought i read a while back about weezer being on a small
tour and ditched their amps and used the small pods b/c they
were hauling things themselves. when they moved to bigger
venues they switched to the pod pros. rivers c. said that
for recording they (he) still uses amps, but touring he
said the sound was close. just 2 cents that i've read.

and for my own personal experience in recording studio stuff,
my digitech rp100 is decent. i'm never going to own the 11 amps
it "models", and the sound is close enough. i think there
are a lot of variables in the modeling stuff. it sounds different
w/ different guitar/pu's (in my limited experience). and certainly
the sound is based on context for how accurate you want things (or
how close it can get).

>With all of the virtuality coming out i am getting
>with time more interested in this subject, not having
>to carry so much equipment is certainly appealing.I
>see people like Adrian Belew leaving their
>refigerators at home and simplifying to a johnson
>amp.I was never interested in modeling amps or things
>like the Roland VGs or VAs or Line 6 but i am hearing
>good things about them.Has anybody tried this virtual
>amps and guitar modelers live? Do they really cut
>through drums?are they worth the money?