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Re: Laptop Looping questions

>1. I have a ‘old’ G3 powerbook 500meg 512 ram running 9.2. Should I 
Not unless you need or want to.  I think OSX may be a bit to much for your 
machine and would eat valuable system resources that would best be used 
for looping.

>3. In addition to getting either the 42 or 84, I wanted to get a post
>processor. Reverb & a  maybe  a good mangier…
>4. What would be a good BUT cheap VST host for the 42? Or do I have to 
>get a
>Cuebase/Logic ($$) setup etc?
You might want to look at Live, besides being set up for much more 
sophisticated looping scenarios, it also works as a decent VST host and 
comes with a decent reverb as well.  You might want to verify that the PSP 
works with it though, as I've noticed that not all of my plug-ins do.  It 
might be better suited for what you want to do, although Cubase will do it 
too I'm sure.

>5. Presently, if I can’t bring the rack out I just use my trusty old
>Digitech Echo +. Maybe I should just stick with that & forget about this
>laptop idea  :)
I'm getting tired of keeping my old gear working.  I'm going software baby!


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