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Re: Mega compact looping rig

In a message dated 5/24/03 12:03:21 PM, d.swain@blueyonder.co.uk writes:

<< Im looking at my 2 8 unit racks and thinking there most be something 
compact i can use. I have the urge to move around a lot latley, so i was 
wondering what compact guitar rigs people are using ? >>

Line 6 Flextone 2 amp with/ 2 DL4s in the amps effects loop.  Most times I 
just run the DL4s in series: 1st one mostly for effects, 2nd for loopage.  
times I'll add a boss LS2 line switching pedal and either run the DL4s 
parallel or throw a PDS8000 in the mix. Also have one patch on the 
Flextone set up 
as a 3 sec looper mainly for creating droney beds which can then be 
captured by 
one of the loopers in the effects send/return.  Everything fits in the 
of the amp for carrying ease.  System can be run in stereo with the 
addition of 
the Flextone extension cabinet. - Paul