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Re: Mega compact looping rig

Hi Mark,

in the compact rig, just run it all in series - from MPX to EDP to second
EDP to amp. well, there's a trick I do to keep the signal clean - if you go
to my site, click on 'solo bass' and then equipment, there's a link to a
diagram of this set up... I'm in the middle of sorting out a diagram of the
new set up... ;o)

big rig I have my bass into G2, out in stereo into two channels on the 
Two of the EDPs are in the two auxes of the desk, which come back on two
channels. The third EDP gets a signal from the headphone out on the MPX, 
the output from it goes to the Kaoss II, which then goes into the desk on
one of the stereo channels, which means that I can then route that to 
of the other EDPs...

none of the EDPs are sync'd at the moment... but may well be soon... EDP #4
will be wired in at some point, possibly in stereo with EDP #3, before the
Kaoss pad. Before that, I need a bigger rack!

EDP control is from EDP footswitches.

G2 control comes from one Lexicon two button footswitch, and an EV-5...



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> on 5/24/03 6:24 AM, Steve Lawson at steve@steve-lawson.co.uk wrote:
> > well, technically it's a bass rig, but who's counting - at the moment,
> > 'big rig' is three EDPs, a Lexicon MPX-G2, Korg Kaoss Pad II and a
> > 802 desk... My flight-rig is usually just two EDPs and the Lexicon. I'm
> > going to try a setup with just one EDP, the Kaoss II and the BEhringer
> > so I can use Substitute to record stuff back into the EDP through the
> > Kaoss... I'll report back when I've tried it... ;o)
> How do you have the EDPs configured and what are you using to control
> Mark