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Re: Stereo looping device for $400? (Echo Pro experimentations)

>Hi all,
>I've been experimenting today trying to rig up two echo pro's as a 
>stereo looper, and the first results are quite impressive.
>For the experiment, I rigged up two Echo Pro's, all running off the 
>same midi channel, and connected the FCB1010 to the first, and ran a 
>midi cable from that to the second with Midi Thru selected. I 
>recorded a few stereo loops (using ping-pong delay on the DL4), and 
>then let them run for a few minutes to listen for synchronisation 
>The results? After 8 minutes of listening to a percussive loop of 
>4x4/4 there is a very slight inconsistency in the synchronisation 
>which gives the sound a quite interesting phased/reverb feel. This 
>also gives the loop a very live and natural ambience. Very short one 
>beat loops lose their synchronisation  very quickly though.

interesting. they are not synced, but the crystals are acurate enough 
to hold them together for a while.

Depends on the each unit and temperature, though!
Use units (or crystals!) from the same batch and mount them together, 
so they have the same temperature.

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