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Re: LIVE LOOPING: was " the meaning of loop music"

Hmm, with digital recorders being so cheap you could make a little one 
containing a bit of your music built into your jacket, or attached to a 
belt. When someone asks what kind of music you do just blast a few moments 
of it, might save a lot of time :)

Will Wright

>From: Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: LIVE LOOPING:  was " the meaning of loop music"
>Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 10:08:25 -0700
>I agree.  You can't define a music by it's tools.  Styles are hard to 
>define, and we've all been down that road before.  We know where it goes. 
>My personal opinion is that names are good, though imperfect.  A category 
>helps people find your music, even if you don't exactly fit in a genera.
>I had a funny time trying to describe my "genera" last week to a 
>Goth/Industrial DJ I'm friends with.  He came back at me with about a 
>different sub genres in the Industrial world because he thought I said 
>"EBM" (electronic body music) when I said, "IDM" (Intelligent Dance 
>Anyway, his girlfriend and I were reeling after his extensive listing of 
>what bands fall under what categories and why.  Most people don't really 
>care about specifics that much, but it's useful to have a genera when 
>describing yourself, unless you can have a boom-box with you at all times 
>to play a little bit of your music for people when they ask you what your 
>music sounds like.
>Mark Sottilaro
>On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 09:35 AM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>>Kelly Coyle wrote:
>>"But I don't think "loop music" and "jazz music" are the same type of 
>>"Loop music" and "guitar music" are, though: both describe the tools 
>>make it as opposed to what it sounds like."

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