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Re: Dig if u will Stockhausen device

> >He had a big disc with sound waves drawn on it in the same
>  >way that movies use an optical soundtrack.
>  >This allowed him to speed up a loop so much it eventually became
>  >a tone ( not easy to do well even with digital editing).
>  >A much greater range of pitch than possible with tape loops.
>  Where did you get that information?
>  According to Stockhausen, in Texte IV, p. 365:
>  "...there were loops running everywhere, and you could see it through 
>  the glass windows between the studios. Finally I used the 
>  fast-forward on the tape recorder to accelerate the tapes so they 
>  were already four or five octaves up, then the result went up another 
>  four octaves - so then I was up eight octaves - until finally I got 
>  into an area where the rhythms were heard as pitches and timbres."
>  -- 

sorry Richard, don't have a ref. for that, and as Norwich Library
burnt down a few years back don't think I'll ever find it :-(

I reckon that the section in Kontakte sweeps down about 7or 8 Octave
(near start of second track on CD) and when it reaches a pulse of
about 2  Hz . It does so continuously and smoothly.
That would be consistant with the use of the wheel device.
...or a specially modified tape deck(i suppose)
Maybe I heard/read the description of the device and made the
wrong connection, but I'm sure I heard of it in connection
with KH, and it's certainly the "sort of thing he would have had"

As a looping device I think it's pretty cool.