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Re: (Echo Pro experimentations)

Mark said...

>When Will Wright was last over we kept his stuff (going through my Echo 
>Pro) not synced to my Repeater and got very interesting results.

It was a blast, I barely touched the thing and it totally changed the way 
was making music. That combined with playing with Mark made for one of the 
most fun hours I have recently had. It must happen again soon.

As soon as my dentist stops taking all my money I am strongly considering 
hunting down an Echo Pro. Until then I will continue to play with what my 
kaoss pad offers me and to try to convince one of my old laptops that 
and 16 megs of ram is plenty. I am actually getting them to do some pretty 
cool things, but I have to set up the loops ahead of time and deal with 
inevitable glitches that trying to play too many at once causes.

If I can find software that will run under an extremely low overhead OS 
MenuetOS I'm set, If I were a smarter monkey I would write one, but in the 
end maybe all the effort could just go to getting a better laptop? Nah, 
easy :)

Will Wright

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