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Re: Improvisation = fast Composition ?

On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 06:06  pm, Jim Palmer wrote:

>  like bach, he could improvise 4 part fugues.
> i can't imagine doing that.  they are pretty difficult to compose on 
> paper.

Its very easy with multi-tap delays... I've been having great fun doing 
this over the past few weeks. It took a lot of trial and error (finding 
the best delay slots), and during practicing, I managed to discover 
quite a few rhythm and harmony techniques that aided this illusion. I 
have not had so much fun for years! :)

I'll try and get some mp3's online over the next few weeks.

I'm in the school of thought that composition is a slower form of 
improvisation for *some* composers, and that there are so many 
techniques and avenues for composition (as there are with looping), 
that not all composers can be gerenalised with the same philosophy. 
Certainly the approach that I have used to create symphonic 
compositions in the past has been very much like the approach I give to 
live looping today. Working on segments, looping them... moving on to 
the next segment.

However, I know other composers who work at their manuscripts in a 
completely different way.