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Re: How Many Delays, synced and unsynced

Hey Mark,
   Catilyne is right, it depends on what you need.  I use it because it 
has tap tempo and I can quickly dial in an effect to change my loop or to 
add a detune to the acoustic.  You need to hook a pc to it to do any 
worthwhile editing and the sounds do not compare to the more expensive Lex 
units but for $200 it does what I need very well.  I use the FCB1010 to 
control my Repeater and EDP and keep the AirFX in the Repeater FX loop so 
my hand is always finding a fun sound out of one of the units.  I play 
around Charleston, West (by God) Virginia where Americans want to here 
something familiar so I tend to give them an old cover song every forth or 
fifth song.  It helps to keep them interested.  They do like the looping 
but who can sing along with some of the mayhem I create????  Well I do but 
they don't sing along unless it's something they heard before.  I would 
love to have Lex G2 or the MPX1 to really process my loops!