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RE: New Adrian Belew Interview(OT)

But seriously, Belew isn't looping on tour (that I was able to hear) and
there are way too many people blathering on about too many topics that
are not loop oriented. It takes lots of time to read through these and
I'm probably not the only person that is a little tired of it.

As far as the tech god pedestal thing, you put me up there. I NEVER said
I was the answer to your tech prayers. In fact, I'm just a man,
definitely NOT a god.I'm just a guy trying to do right by musicians and
am fortunate enough to make a living doing it. Grow up a little bit and
deflate your ego for a second. 

BTW - I love Belew, always have. 

Will Brake
Soul Fruit Electronics

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Perhaps if you got out of your "I'm the god of fixing electronic gear, 
look at me" stance you'd come across an Adrian Belew or King Crimson 
album and realize that there is looping (by he and/or his partner 
Robert Fripp) on almost every single album (including the 2 that I 
offer a counter review of)  Adrian Belew has been a looper for many 
many years and I think currently uses a Repeater in his rig as well as 
a Johnson (Digitech) amp with on board looping capabilities (I've heard 
that his amps are basically Digitech 2120s with solid state amplifier 
stages and dual 12" cab all in one box)

More on that here:


So, before you ask a pointed question, you might take want to word it 
more like, "Is there looping on this album?" or maybe do a quick google 
search on "Adrian Belew + Loops" because a lot would have come up and 
it would have been a nice change from soldering op amps.

yours truly,

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 23, 2003, at 05:08  AM, Will Brake wrote:

> What part of this post has anything remotely relevant to looping? Can 
> we get back on topic?
> Respect
> Will Brake
> Soul Fruit Electronics
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> Here's the comments I submitted to the online mag:
> The Power to Repeat
> As someone who's been in love with King Crimson since I discovered 
> Adrian's work on Laurie Anderson's Mr. Heartbreak album, I'll take the

> risk of disagreeing with him about TPTB. I don't think it's nearly as 
> interesting as TCOL, which, IMHO, is one of their strongest albums. 
> Part of my issues with it are the little voice synth stuff happening. 
> It totally grates on my nerves for some reason. Not sure why he's 
> dragging out lyrics from an older solo Belew tune and running them 
> through a Digitech Vocalist. Surely you could think of something new, 
> no? And eyes wide open is so sweet, I need to pass on it almost every 
> time. Maybe one of the reasons I'm bitter is that I bought this album 
> twice for some reason. First time as a "teaser" album, then almost the

> identical album in a slightly different "finished" form. That was kind

> of lame. I'd loved to have heard really rough stuff on the teaser, or 
> totally different mixes. Oh yeah, I also bought a lot of these tunes 
> on the Level 5 album as well. With all that said, I think TPTB is 
> still a great album and many of the songs have made it into my iPod 
> where they pop up from time to time and amaze and inspire. If you're 
> looking for an entry to KC, get one of the 3 80's albums or TCOL. I 
> think they're better representations of great song writing and 
> interesting playing.
> Mark Sottilaro