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Re: Music of Looping Interest on NPR

Stream program #8 here:

I'm glad that you found it interesting.  I am going to work my way
through these shows bit by bit.


On Wednesday, Sep 3, 2003, at 14:34 US/Eastern, ArsOcarina@aol.com 

> Pete,
> Thanks for posting this!!! The PRI station in my area doesn't
> carry American Mavericks but I have heard of it before.
> I was able to log on and stream program #6 (not the repetition
> program, but one addressing nonwestern influences on new
> western musics and composers). It was quite a treat! I plan
> on checking in on it again and hope that the program you cited
> (#8) will be available for streaming soon. Wouldn't it be great
> if they made not only the radio series but a PBS video series
> out of this? Wow!
> Best,
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> In a message dated 9/3/03 6:39:52 AM, wavelet@petebrunelli.com writes:
>> This week's American Mavericks show was about Minimalists and was
>> titled "To Repeat or not Repeat, That is the Question"  and I think 
>> it is
>> something that would be of interest to the real-time looping community
>> at large.  It typically runs early in the week, but you might catch 
>> it or
>> want to stream it.
>> http://www.musicmavericks.org/