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Last Inventory: Loop Shirts

Greeting Loopers,

   I wanted to let folks know that I have a few  looper shirts left over
   from the last printing, and now that  my other orders are settled
   these are available for immediate shipping.     I do not plan on doing
   more shirts for quite awhile...

   What I got:
        2 Large
        2 X-Large
        1 Large in Gray (rather than black).

    Apologies to those outside of the USA,  but  I cannot  properly
    use USPS to track the international packages. If shirts get lost
    in international  mail, which they have in the past,  I  can not  do
    another printing to make up for it.  I hate to make this restriction,
    but I must,  Domestic Shipping only.

    The cost for these last few shirts is $22 via Paypal or check.  This 
price will
    include Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation.

    Contact me offlist if you want one: