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At 02:43 PM 9/28/2003, Laurent Brondel wrote:
>i own 2 EDPs, one oberheim-branded and one gibson-branded. even though i 
>changed the IN/OUT capacitors

I think you mean resistors....

>on the oberheim -as per kim's EDP pages recommendation-, i am still not 
>getting the same IN/OUT level as on the gibson. is there a mod to render 
>them similar? that would be very handy for quick visual setups.

is your concern just about the knob positions? Why not just pull the knobs 
off one and place them back rotated a little so they match in level when 
the knob indicator is in the same spot?

Otherwise, the circuit inside is pretty much the same. Maybe the pots have 
a different taper or something, I guess that could make a difference.

The only other possibility is with the limiter in the newer units. If you 
have the level turned up too high, you will be hitting the limiter in one 
and not the other, and that could obviously make them different. If that 
the case though, you just have the level turned up too far....


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