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RE: Looping with a PC laptop... which one?

I wanted to reply to this topic for a few days but, my email provider
changed some of my settings without letting me know (problem resolved)
Alright I wanted to suggest the alternative of using a desktop instead of a
laptop. Laptops are almost always obsolete by the time you get them and are
a real pain as far as upgrading is concerned. I haven't really tried this
but am giving serious consideration to doing this I have some concerns 
electrical noise and such. I suppose I could put it in it's own rack that
might isolate some of the electrical interferance issues. 

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Subject: RE: Looping with a PC laptop... which one?

What kind of memory does it use? The very old model P4s came with PC133
style memory - which made them functionally about 1/4 to a 1/2 as fast as 
equivalently clocked P4 with enough memory bandwidth - couldn't even 
with a slower clocked P3. Also, is it a Celeron? Again, a performance drop,
though nothing like as bad. Otherwise, I'll be looking out for this.

Keep in mind guy, if you just want to run Live, you don't need much power 



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From: Dave Trenkel [mailto:improv@peak.org] 
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Subject: Re: Looping with a PC laptop... which one?

>On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 11:42  AM, Jonathan wrote:
>>I'll second that. Just stay away - we aren't part of their target
>Hahahaha.  Nice.  They do loop in stereo though, no?
>Playing devil's advocate, I started wondering, does any hardware device 
>do what Live does?
>Just wondering.  I still think a laptop may be the best route to do 
>what I'm trying to do, I'm just seeing that most recommended laptops 
>are a bit out of my price range.  So far, only HP seems to make one 
>under a grand.  Lot's of people rave about the Vaios, but man are they 
>spendy, I might as well buy an Apple.

My Thinkpad was just under a grand at PCConnection.com. It was the 
only Pentium 4-based laptop I could find for under a grand, and I 
believe it is an older model. I see now that they have the R32 2G P4 
for $1099, if you want to go a little over a grand. Mine is a 1.8G, 
and it seems to run Live and Reason quite well.