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Re: anger and expression and confidence

Michael -

As you point out, anger can instill a sense of security -- after all that's
how the emotion evolved in the first place (to instill a sense of personal
safety when faced with threatening situations).  A state of anger invokes
different rules of behavior for the angry person.  It is a very immediate
state, that does not hold within it a sense of repercussions for actions
taken.  So our "self-editing" functions go out the window and we
"express" -- which speaks to your feeling of authenticity, perhaps.

Various drugs will have the same effect -- loosening the grip of our

Each of these, in different ways, allow for "uninhibited flow" to envelop
the moment.

I guess the moral of all this is to say we don't need drugs or anger to
freely express ourselves -- we just need confidence in ourselves.

David Kirkdorffer

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> > and did as angry a performance
> > as I've ever done
> > I just raged at the audience
> > Well,  it fucking blew my mind:
> > the audience LOVE IT!!!!!
> that's right ... use your anger and its energy ... I noticed a couple of
> times myself that I when I was angry for some reason, and played with
> while being in this state, I could play more energetically and wild and
> interesting ... I was feeling less insecure, and more carried by that
> energy, not really giving a shit about what it would sound like ... and 
> came out more authentically this way.
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