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Multitracked Live Looping -- advice for budget

multi-track looping--
well, my advice if you're on a budget:
get a 4-track recorder and buy a answering machine looping tape at 
radio shack (they are probably online also and away you go. i have a 
20 sec loop and it works great w/ my old tascam 4-track (you can get 
one of those fostex or
tascam 4-tracks for 99$ now!-which is the cost i had to pay to get my
old tascam porta 05 up and running).

and if you get a footswitch to turn on/off, you can use it live (better).
i just push buttons, works for me....
my advice though w/ this setup is to have some type of 2nd 
looper-device available (well, i have 4 other options).
but the 4-track is great for setting up material to play against.

midi/time sync-FORGET IT! (you'll have to practice your looping 
chops) (although
i've heard of people recording a click track and going from there).
if you're hoping for delay-based sound on sound-you're limited to the time
of your looping tape, etc and remember it's really a tape loop not a 
delay loop.

the fun thing: if you do some short delay loops w/ alternative device pre-
4-track you can then record that to have short loop repeat in long loop....

again, this set up is a little archaic, think of it as the "budget 
solution to
rfripps original setup", but it is cheap (or cheaper than the top of 
the line looper options), and it can be a fun way to create loop 
sonic madness.....
my 2 cents for the day....
ps-didn't i just read about some musician who's the son of a famous 
other musician who some of his performances is linking a bunch (3 or 
4) 4-tracks together and playing? i thought i saw a web pic somewhere 
of him performing live, and it was a funny looking chain of 4-tracks 
on the floor w/ him playing guitar....can't remember the name 

>  > check out the repeater!
>Hmm. I had sort of discounted the Repeater
>because it was discontinued, and the reviews
>on LD were not glowing. (For example, Progster's
>Review #2 seemed to suggest that the Repeater
>couldn't do bar-level quantization. But reading
>the OS 1.1 changes on the Electrix site leads
>me to believe that's not true.)
>Hmm... if I could sync two Repeaters together,
>I'd have 8 tracks to play with. Tasty.
>>  I live down on the Peninsula, so if you want
>>  to get together and check out what an EDP
>>  LoopIV or Repeater can do, drop me a line.
>That'd be great, thanks! I'll buzz you off-line.
>Andrew Chaikin, aka Z-ROX
>(415) 929-8822
>http://biggerbread.com | http://z-rox.com