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Echo Pro successfully syncronised to sequencer

i'm sure other people here have done this by now , but i'm rather 

i bought a Line 6 Echo Pro on a whim (it was cheap). i currently loop 
with a PCM-80, but i can't afford a second one right now so i thought 
i'd have a go at this.

i plugged it into my mixer and my MIDI interface, and fired up 
Numerology (the coolest MIDI sequencer ever) and thought i'd have a go 
at it. i set up presets in Numerology that sent MIDI notes out to the 
Echo Pro, and then spent 40 minutes trying to figure out how the Line 6 
unit handles the MIDI notes.  it was confusing because some of them are 
momentary, some latch, and some are switches. Numerology has a preset 
(they're kind of like patterns, but it's different) list and i named 
the presets for the functions they'd trigger, and the program switches 
presets on the bar-line ... that's how the syncronisation works.

bottom line: i can now do syncronised rhythmic loops with this 
combination. i think it sounds better than the Repeater did, as well. 
being able to go to half-speed or reverse _at_the_bar_line_ also 
pleases me to no end. the Repeater had reverse, and it kind of had 
half-speed ... but there was no way to quantise those functions like in 
the Echoplex.

yes, it's mono. it's also only 200 bucks. i can live with that for 200 
Eric Williamson