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A/B for sale--was RE: new to looping, have question about rc-20

if you bought an A/B box and placed it before your RC-20 with the single
jack connected to your guitar. You could connect the A line to your RC-20
then into a (passive) volume pedal and then run line B past the RC20 to
connect up with line A either at the input of a stereo FX(If you got em!) 
into the second line of your amp(if you got one of them) or failing that
into a splitter Y shaped cable (you get them from most music shops and I
imagine Radioshack type places).

  In practice you could then play and loop till your hearts content, then
switch from A to B and carry on playing whatever you dont need recorded,
then simply reduce the volume  of the RC-20 whilst you play

----->  I bought a Morley a/b/y box to use with the EFC-7 controller for 
EDP and have not been using it.  I would sell this one for $30 plus USPS
shipping (what, $5?) to anyone stateside from this list who wanted it--