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Fw: 512m Hitachi CFC Works!

This just surfaced on the repeater users list on yahoo groups.  We spent
some time discussion various cfc cards, controllers, ect. as they applied 
the electrix repeater.  Its probably the most common question from newbies
on the list.  So I think we've found a place to get cfc cards that will 
perfectly in the repeater (based on recommendations from electrix, ect).  I
believe that you can get 32mc, 64mb, 128mb, and 256mb from that site as

> A few days ago I ordered a 512meg Hitachi CFC from:
> http://www.pretec.com/
> I just got it and I have been testing it and I am thrilled to report
> that it is working flawlessly. After a few hours of hard testing I
> have not had it fail or give an error message at all. I recorded a
> stereo track for about 4 minutes, reversed it and recorded a
> second stereo track in overdub mode. No errors. Then I changed
> the pitch and stretched it and still no errors. I'm not sure what
> else to try, it seems to work perfectly. AND it's a 512meg card!
> Here are the details on the card I bought...
> http://www.pretec.com/
> CompactFlash Hitachi SAH05
> $182 + $13.09 shipping = $195.09
> Go to:
> http://www.pretec.com/order.htm
> Then under "CompactFlash " click on "Hitachi Series". The card
> is on the right.