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Editing Note and other Events

Subject: Editing Note and other Events
Hey folks
I am new to the list.
What I need to know is how to play my computer's sequencer midi data into Fruity Loops and have it record the data then be able to later separate all these midi channels to their own tracks and also be able to edit the notes once recorded into the program.
I know that the events can be edited here and there in Fruity Loops but isn't there like a graphics screen where you can see all your program changes, controller data, pitch wheel, note events and the whole ten in one window?
So again
1. How do I record midi from my computer directly into Fruity Loops?
2. How do I edit all the midi events in one window?
3. How do I separate all my midi channels so they can be on their own separate tracks?
If at least I can be directed to the area of the program where these features are, that will be very much appreciated.