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Re: NAMM Show Meeting?

oops, I forgot to mention where I'll be -

I'll be playing for Modulus (just got a new bass from them), and AccuGroove
(who are building me a signature powered cab that will be launched at the
show) - so it's new gear all round for me...

Then I've got some dates and a masterclass in NorCal (BTW, the masterclass
is on the 24th in San Jose, anyone interested in going should email me -
it's very limited numbers, and the places are nearly gone, but let me know,
and I'll see what I can do...)

I'll post the gig dates soon - they were all booked with Mike Watt playing
on them, but he's just broken his arm, so we're sorting out a replacement,
then I'll let everyone know... :o)


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I'll be there too -- aimlessly wandering the show.
I'll try to put StarLabs on my list of places to
visit. See ya there.

tEd  kiLLiAn