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RE: Even More out of tune

At 11:43 AM -0800 2/7/04, S V G wrote:
>The EMU line of sound modules does provide good user definable 
>tuning tables IF you know what you're looking for.  Kurzweil 
>provides a different kind of tuning table, a bit easier to get 
>around on, though octaves are automatically set to be in tune with 
>each other.

Different manufacturers approach tuning in different ways, most of 
which are limited. Aside from resolution issues are matters of 
whether an instrument offers full keyboard tuning (each key 
separately tuneable, not just repeating octave patterns) and whether 
a full keyboard tuning permits a full range of tuning per key (some 
instruments restrict the tuning to a small range above and below the 
nominal pitch of the key).

Some Korg instruments seem better than most.

Virtual instruments can offer a solution, but often offer their own 
limitations and frustrations.  Absynth 2 seems good.

>I find that a ribbon controller on a Kurzweil keyboard set to 
>"absolute" (meaning that when you set the ribbon to change pitch +/- 
>octave and you touch the far right side, the pitch will immediately 
>jump up an octave) provides a very intuitive "way in"

Lippold Haken's Continuum Fingerboard is designed for this. Very 
expensive, though.

>      Kurzweil (... used to make) the same ribbon controller that 
>plugs into a brain that sends MIDI information...I think it was 
>called the "RibbonMate" or something.

ExpressionMate. It was discontinued about a year ago. Not easy to find now.

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