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repeater in FX loop

Not strictly a looping issue, but anyway -

I'm using a TC G-Major and Repeater. Getting back into going out and 
playing live, I've invested in a Mesa Boogie F-50 combo.

Both devices (particularly the G-Major) are designed to work best in an 
amp FX send/return loop.


a. The Repeater, when playing back loops, essentially is going direct 
to the power-amp section of the boogie, which delivers a deafening 50 
watts, even with everything turned down to 0. This is obviously 

b. The boogie's FX loops runs in parallel, so the dry signal is always 
audible unless the FX mix is turned right up. This produces lots of 
noise. I'd like to be able to play pitch shifted stuff without hearing 
the dry signal at all.

I could run the G-Major and Repeater in front of the amp input rather 
than through the FX loop, but the G-Major requires a pre-amp rather 
than a guitar input and I would rather not use another preamp in front 
of the combo.

Anyone got any suggestions/solutions?