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Re: repeater in FX loop

On 04-03-04 09.52,  "Paul Greenstein" <paul@ubiq.co.uk> wrote:
> Thanks for that, Per. I used to have a stereo preamp based rack setup,
> but I'm trying to be much more compact and portable these days, just
> carrying around a 2-unit rack bag plus amp and FCB. I suppose I'm
> trying to create a versatile setup which will work for both looping and
> 'straight' scenarios.  As you say, perhaps this isn't possible with a
> tube amp, at least not via the FX loop. For the moment, I will probably
> use my POD in bypass mode as a preamp/line driver, and just run
> everything directly into the amp.
> cheers 
> Paul

"Going portable" is a real challenge! I'm investigating the possibility to
use my RME multiface audio break-out box (8 in, 8 out) with a laptop. This
looks as a good way to combine hardware devices and software. The most
portable mixer I know is actually Ableton Live. With the Multiface I can
assign just about everything like you do with a huge mixing board and patch
bay. The other week I tried the guitar amp simulator that comes with Apple
Garage Band and it sounds good to my ears. But there's still a long way 
setting up a system that works "in the lab" to being able to rely on it 
gigging in the real world.