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Re: Echoplex - Overdub fails

>>>A Second question: what's the easiest way?
>>>Say I wanted four loops and wanted an original rhythmic pattern from 
>>>first loop to be repeated into the next three. I've tried with LoopCopy 
>>>but it continues on subsequent passes to copy onto following loops. I 
>>>really just want the first pass to be repeated. Is passing though all 
>>>four loops (perhaps with NextLoop & Multiply) necessary before I start 
>>>layering (not-for-copy) layers on top?

If I understand what you want to do correcty, you might like to consider 
option that I often use for doing one loop with a verse and another with a 
chors , each with a matching drum part, I oftern start by recording my 
on  loop 2, then copy this into Loop 1 while adding my verse infomation, 
then I just switch back to loop 2 where the original drum info is and play 
my chorus.

this works for me and saves me getting confused between  te diffenent 
if you have more then 2 loops, I guess you'd start at four then copy it 
each going backwards, then multiply it out in the reverse direction.

sorr if this is completly usless help, in my head it seems to connect to 
what you want to do.


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