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re: asychronous loops?

> At 1:18 PM +0100 5/23/04, Steve Lawson wrote:
> >Jeff., just get two loopers, it's the only way to do it effectively. 
> >there was a box that did it, you'd be sacrificing other features in 
> >have that, or you'd be paying through the nose for the unit.

and "Richard Zvonar" <zvonar@zvonar.com> replied -
> This is arguable. By paying extra for a more capable device you may
> actually be able to replace several devices, including a mixer. You
> can now purchase an Eventide DSP4000 for under $1500. This will allow
> you to do two asynchronous loops along with other effects. If a
> decent single long delay costs $500 and a decent multieffects unit
> also costs $500 then you're already at the $1500 point.

Fair point, I had forgotten about the Eventide stuff. I'd still go with my
EDP/MPX-G2 combo over an Orville, but my experience with the Orville
(limited to playing with Luca and asking him lots of really arcane 
about what it will and won't do) has been pretty good - he certainly gets
some amazing noises out of it.