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Re: building a midi loopstation

As an alternative to Max, there is also "Pure Data", or Pd, , which was
created by Miller Puckette, who also created Max...



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>Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 12:23:01 -0500
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>From: Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net>
>Subject: Re: building a midi loopstation
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>At 12:07 PM 6/3/2004, Rick Williamson wrote:
>>If your using Windows XP you can run Max, 30 days for free.
>Max will certainly do what you're looking for, but may end up being a bit
>of overkill.  Depending on how complicated you wish to get, most MIDI 
>sequencers (i.e. Cubase) will allow you to map the basic transport 
>functions such as record, play, stop, etc. to MIDI note numbers.
>You could possibly send a MIDI note from your D4 to begin recording a 
>phrase, then another to stop recording, then one to play the loop.  You'd
>have to be somewhat adept at your timing, but then, you're a drummer...

>It may be more rudimentary than you're looking for, but if you're looking
>for something simple it may do the trick.
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