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Re: OT: Fuzz

On 2004-06-04, at 01.20, msottilaro wrote:

> We all love it, right?  Of course!  Every now and then I yearn for my 
> old Ibanez Tube Screamer.

Mine is still working. Bought it 1980. Never liked the sound much 
though. Too "hissy" and removes too much bottom for my taste.

> Thick distorted creamy synth-like tone.  Warm and tube like?  NOPE.  
> I'm talking solid state.  What's your favorite fuzz box to put in 
> front of your looper (or after) and why?  Is the line6 modeler any 
> good?

I really love my Roger Mayer Octavia! It's a perfect sound to trash 
with EDP HalfSpead.
Sound clip at http://www.looproom.com/audio/edp_strat_01.mp3 (no amp 
used, only Octavia lined into computer)