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Some RC-20 Questions

    I'm looking to get my first looper this summer, to start doing solo bass (guitar) shows.  I'm technically impaired, heck, I can barely work my VCR, so researching these complicated units has left me with some questions.
    My goal is to play live, so I'm not worried about MIDI, delay, stereo, or anything fancy.  I just want something easy to use live that I can control with my feet.
    I've been looking at the Boss RC-20 and the Boomerang; if I use an external foot pedal to move between loops with the RC-20 (I was told you could do that), and I'm not worried about playing backwards live, is there anything the Boomerang does that the RC-20 does not?
    I tried an RC-20 at a shop, but I was a bit confused by some of the controls.  If you use an extra pedal to move between loops, does it move at the end of the loop, or whenever you hit the button?  If it can only move one "direction" can you tap the pedal twice to "skip" a loop (say, moving from loop #1 to loop #3), or does it have to play through the one in the middle first?
    How difficult is it to delete old loops, start new ones, and move between them, in a live setting?  I've heard a lot of people talk about a "Undo" feature on the more expensive units, does the RC-20 have anything similar?
    I hope you don't mind the "newbie" questions, I just don't want to get in over my head, or end up taking something home that doesn't do what I want.  This stuff is complicated!
    Thanks for your time!