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Heel-Toe A-B

Hello everyone,

This may be a silly question, but does anyone make an a-b switch that 
works like a volume pedal - with heel-toe operation? It would be pretty 
handy to have the pedal send a signal to the A output in the heel 
position, and the B output in the toe position, with a blend in between 
- and perhaps a soft notch in the middle for both.

In regard to my previous asynchronous loops query: I've picked up the 
Eventide Eclipse that I had on layaway, and in addition to that picked 
up a DD-20. So my asynchronous looping "career" has officially begun. 
My first lesson: record EVERYTHING. Two of my first 5 loops were 
"keepers" (for my taste, anyway) - but have been lost forever.

Thanks for everyone's help, I've learned a great deal in my short time 
with loopers-delight.com