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new looping plug-in released

Expert Sleepers are proud to announce the release of Augustus Loop.

Augustus Loop is a looping device. As such, it is probably closer to 
the Lexicon JamMan than to the Echoplex Digital Pro, in that it 
essentially offers a very long delay effect rather than the ability to 
overdub and undo. (Though future versions may bring that functionality 
as well.)

The key features of Augustus Loop that make it more than just a big 
delay effect are:
  - Really long maximum delay (3600 seconds - that's one hour).
  - Tap tempo.
  - Virtual tape. The delay simulates an old-style tape delay, meaning 
you can
         - change the tape speed (i.e. pitch up and down)
         - reverse the tape direction
         - smoothly change the delay time (as if you were changing the 
gap on a tape delay).
  - Multimode filter and saturation in the feedback loop.
  - Four feedback taps (left to left, left to right, right to left and 
right to right) with independent delay time and feedback settings, for 
ping-pong effects, stereo delays etc.
  - Pitch and filter LFOs.

Priced at $20.