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tc 2290 series vs. parallel



I am new to the world of looping, though very much interested in getting started.  I recently purchased (2) TC 2290s both with PROM v.30.12 with Stereo Sampling, FastTrig, and 32sec delay upgrades. 


I play in stereo and I am looking for guidance in interfacing these 2 units into my rig.  TC described for me a parallel configuration that will maintain the stereo field; that is, L and R outputs from my Lexicon MPX-1 to each 2290, then mono outputs from each 2290 to my Mesa 2:Ninety Stereo amp.  According to TC, this set-up requires that one 2290 be designated as “Master” and the other as “Slave” and utilizes a db9 connector between the two as well as a MIDI loop to sync the delay times.


I have reviewed some of Fripp’s set-ups and it at one time he used (2) 2290s in series on the left channel paralleled with (2) 2290s on the right channel.  I am interested in how the specific series connections are made and whether the series configuration can give me a 64sec loop in stereo.  Also, this will allow me to use the stereo effects, i.e. stereo panning.


Your insight is much appreciated.