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The DM4 was the first of the modeler pedals that I acquired. I used it 
a fair amount with my DG-Stomp and generally I liked the effects. The 
only really wild option on it is the Jet Phaser which I tended to use 
together with drumming my fingers on my guitar body.

Then I became Tech21 convert and did Y2K3 using just the SansAmp PSA-1. 
I've been tempted to put a fuzzbox in front of it though I haven't 
fully explored the programming depths on the PSA-1. I guess I should 
haul out my DM4 and try that though I may be becoming an analog 

What I miss right now about the DM4 (and the DG-Stomp to some extent) 
was that they offered reasonable floor control. I need to find a MIDI 
pedal to control the PSA-1 but I'd like to find something that can 
either control a lot of gear via groups of footswitches or it needs to 
be reasonably small. One thing in particular that is nice about the 
Line6 modeler pedals is that they effectively give you five settings 
for the space of 4 switches if you count bypass.

If one doesn't mind digital modeling and doesn't want foot access to as 
many presets, the Boss OD-20(?) has gotten good reviews. Based on some 
of the other comments that have been posted here about the DD-20, one 
could build a nice little looping rig with a small set of the Boss dual 
pedals. Hmm. Should I sell off all my Line6 pedals...