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Re: behringer mixer

I have the MXB1002 (check out the included link
below), and I absolutely love it.  I don't own
anything better to compare it to, but it's been
flawless for my use (battery powered location
recording & for a live band mix straight to CD-R).  
     The only drawbacks are slight--batteries only
last a few (literally!) hours before the meters start
to dim, and the phantom power is weak.  It does work
(I've successfully used it on my inexpensive Carvin
condenser mic as well as my Tech 21 Bass Driver DI,
but it doesn't supply enough power to actually light
the LED on the DI) though.  And it's relatively small,
though I think it would be great if Behringer offered
other smaller mixers with battery power, also.
     I've also owned another Behringer mixer (I THINK
it was the UB1204), and I currently own the four
channel compressor, and both worked very well for me.

Matt Herman

--- Jens Wolters <shocktone@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Im looking for a small mixer for my Looper/Effects
> Setup. I also would like to loop the other musicians
> in the band.
> I own a Mackie 1604 which is great. But I would like
> to buy a small/cheap mixer in addition to that.
> It doesnt have to be a studio quality mixer and in
> Germany Behringer is unbelievable cheap.
> But Im not really sure about the quality. How can
> the produce a unit for that price ???
> What is your experience ? Thanks alot!
> Greetings Jens.

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