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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> Per wrote:
> If that would have been true a "1 st Loop capture" ability should have
> been part of Live 4.0 update. This matter has been discussed at the
> Live forum all since the release of version 3.0. Probably Ableton are
> forced to list it a second priority because of the estimated low number
> of interested users "
On 2004-06-07, at 04.10, loop.pool wrote:

> I can't give an articulate defense, Per, but  someone once explained 
> to me
> why it is a much more difficult thing
> to accomplish '1st loop capability' in a VST plugin that has to work 
> inside
> of a host program.

You're probably right about that (I have no programming skills either). 
But Live IS a host application, not a VST plug-in. Let's see what they 
crammed into L4! The online looping community will once again be 
cooking with all kinds of workaround hints ;-)

It seems as the Abletons are watching the forum quite closely. Once I 
posted there about a quantization bug (regarding odd time measures)  I 
found in Live 3.0 and after some days I got a mail from HQ requesting a 
more detailed bug report, which I then filed. So my hopes are that live 
looping functions like "1st loop", "external midi access to sample/clip 
parameters" etc will make it into the application as soon as they get 
the time to implement it. Probably it's not topping the list, though.

All the best

Per Boysen